Succulent and Air Plant Terrariums

This week at school we visited a few floral wholesale shops and I couldn’t resist picking up the supplies to make these two terrariums. I used one potted succulent and three air plants. Air plants are a great option for hanging terrariums because they don’t need to be potted in soil and just need to be misted with water every once and a while! They also look really cool.

2 thoughts on “Succulent and Air Plant Terrariums

  1. Thanks Dayna. Funny enough making a plant terrarium was one the top of my list recently. I have wanted to add some plants to my office and need something that is not in need of a lot of care. Where do you get the supplies? And is there other ones I can do after this one?

    • I got my supplies at a floral wholesale shop! If you can find one that is open to the public, that’s where you will get the best prices. You can use cacti and other succulents in terrariums too, I really like the air plants because they are so low maintenance.

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